Sapsan Plus
Sapsan Plus is based in the Czech Republic and has no geographical boundaries for cooperation. In the past, we have worked with small and medium-sized enterprises, with manufacturers working in various industries, with distributors and stores located in more than 20 countries. Over the years, our specialists have implemented hundreds of projects, from the development of software IT systems for equipment management to the supply of large production lines and subsequent engineering solutions. Now we have grown to work on large projects and offer services for software development, equipment modernization, engineering design development. We develop unique solutions with individual selection of technologies and specialists for each project.
The founder of the company Ruslan Bultaev uses his experience in management to build an effective team of highly qualified specialists. We undertake to implement complex projects that require multilateral work in the areas of software development, marketing support, engineering projects, management. Sapsan Plus constantly expands the range of products and services taking into account the interests of our customers and the dynamic development of the information technology market.

We are constantly expanding borders and establishing new partnerships with suppliers around the world to ensure the highest quality and best prices for products. Sapsan Plus is always open to new cooperation offers. Our company offers different types of partnership, so feel free to contact us in any way convenient for you.
What software development methodology does Sapsan Plus s.r.o. use?
Our company follows the Agile approach in software development. We use lean production and lean start-up methods, putting human needs and requirements above processes and experiments. The international quality standard ISO 9001:2015 confirms Sapsan Plus' ongoing commitment to quality work, best approaches and programming practices.
What does the software development process look like?
We take care of all the stages of development. We analyse the client's idea, create a detailed terms of reference, prepare the UX, solve design problems, build a DevOps culture, conduct testing at all stages of development, and manage the product.
Project development includes:
- probabilistic forecasting;
- 1-2 week iterations;
- Planning, analysis and retrospective iteration;
- periodic reports to the customer;
- product demonstration.
What approaches do you use in software development?
We carry out:
- Development through testing;
- Pair and group development;
- User research and testing;
- Dual Agile (usually pre-development);
- continuous integration;
- Secure coding.
How do we work with the customer?
For each project we build a team of specialists with the appropriate skills and experience. The customer is handled by:
- an engagement manager (main contact person, responsible for recruitment, contracts and coordination of the project);
- a team leader (an experienced person who acts as a liaison between the client and the team)
- Development team (consisting of designers, developers, testers, architects and product specialists).
Who are Sapsan Plus customers?
Sapsan Plus enters into a non-disclosure agreement with all of its clients and strictly complies with its obligations (including not displaying their logos on its website without permission). We work for companies of all sizes and can take on the challenges of any Fortune Global 500 client.
What business products does Sapsan Plus develop?
Sapsan Plus experts develop integrated products for customers' businesses, undertake their project management, integrate API data between different types of equipment, and develop solutions for communications services, CRM and ERP systems.
In which sectors does Sapsan Plus software already operate?
We develop software for: business, agriculture, electronics, medicine and medical devices, education, aerospace, home automation, internet of things, construction.
Does Sapsan Plus have full-stack developers?
Sapsan Plus does not divide developers into "front-end only" or "back-end only" roles.
Can I order web applications?
Yes. We create interactive and dynamic web apps. Their performance is independent of the operating system and the browser chosen by the user.
Does Sapsan Plus develop engineering software?
The development of engineering software and its integration into the customer's facilities is one of the activities of Sapsan Plus. We create low cost IT projects for production modernisation.
What cloud solutions does Sapsan Plus offer?
We offer a massive data processing service that is provided by a low-cost and scalable cloud computing system and does not require expensive maintenance.
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