Sapsan Plus and Agile Philosophy

The time, volume, budget and efficiency of the team are the key parameters of any IT project.
In order for the client to receive high-quality code and modern software, was pleased with the cooperation, deadlines and professionalism of the performers, Sapsan Plus s.r.o. uses Agile - a philosophical approach to software development that covers the entire life cycle of a project, contributes to its evolution, welcomes big and small changes.
To complete any large project, it is divided into small controlled parts. Only then can you clearly understand and plan how many developers need to take on the project, what qualifications they should have and what technological resources will be necessary for its implementation.
All tasks are carried out as planned, each task is assigned time and a performer is assigned. The efficiency and professionalism of the team is already manifested at the initial stages of the project.
Work on Agile is divided into short cycle-stages, at the end of each stage they analyze the results and, if necessary, the customer and team change the priorities and tasks of the next stage. The result of each such cycle is a mini-product, it is available for testing to the customer who is constantly in contact with the developers. With this approach, the customer clearly understands that any change, scaling and addition of the project affects the time required for its implementation.
Sapsan Plus s.r.o management and developers. always aimed at ensuring that the customer receives high-quality and unique software. To do this, Sapsan Plus s.r.o. adheres to Agile's values:
- if the customer changes the requirements - this is not a problem
- customer and developers Sapsan Plus s.r.o. solve all current issues daily throughout the project, do not postpone decisions, react quickly
- work on the result, on the value of the product, on the best solution
- the best architectures and projects create self-organizing teams
Not the first year of Sapsan Plus s.r.o. applies four Agile postulates in his work. They work and help in work!
The most important thing about Agile is the client and his interests: "cooperation with clients is more important than contract negotiations." Instead of formally approving documents that may not fully describe the final product, the developers of Sapsan Plus s.r.o. invite their customers to evaluate the software during its development. This is done in order to fully involve the customer in the product creation process. This approach minimizes misunderstanding at the stage of studying the documentation, because in Agile "working software is more important than comprehensive documentation." В Sapsan Plus s.r.o. this is often done virtually using a screen demo and an online conference. Instead of a massive document with multiple versions, a new work item is added to the Agile backlog to track changes.
"Responding to change rather than following plan" is one of Agile's most important tenets. How clearly the plan is drawn up depends on how quickly the development team responds to changes. Sapsan Plus s.r.o. work: according to the release plan (months), iteration plan (weeks) and daily plan (today), these are short cycles with which you can easily make changes to the next cycles.
An integral part of the success of any project is the effectiveness of the IT development team, in Agile the client becomes part of the team. Due to the fact that in Agile "people and their interaction are more important than processes and tools," the Sapsan Plus s.r.o team. always adjusts the workflow to the circumstances and tasks of the client, realizing that the interaction and understanding of a person by a person is primary, and any process can be established after.
Agile's philosophy puts the client and his interests at the top of any decision-making pyramid, and software creation becomes a process in which you are not afraid of change and adaptation. In Agile, the client helps the team and becomes a full member.
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