Business intelligence software. Do small and medium-sized businesses need it?

Business Intelligence Software. Is it necessary for SMEs?
Companies generate a lot of data in their daily activities. Can this data become a tangible asset?
How do you work with data? Google spreadsheets or Excel? It's familiar and easy, but only at the start-up stage of a business. Later, spreadsheets can become a brake and even a problem. The loss of information, the inability to analyze data from disparate spreadsheets is just the tip of the iceberg.

Data is a precious resource and a great treasure! Very often, Sapsan Plus clients don't even think about the fact that their most important asset is the information they have received and accumulated over the years. Without constant analysis and routine data monitoring, it is impossible to move forward and get to the next level.
Business intelligence (BI) software is an important tool to make the most of and analyze data.

Spreadsheets. How to be?
Spreadsheets were created to store and record data; they are not designed to work together. And although several people can work in them simultaneously, you can't track changes or generate complex analytics within the table itself. Neither can you verify that the data is correct and true at all stages of entry.
Charts, simple logic, and basic arithmetic are the maximum you can "squeeze" out of data stored in Excel or Google spreadsheets. If this is still the only way you store and process data, trust us, you're behind and your competitors are already far ahead.
A new level of accessibility
Business intelligence software can provide a complete overview of how an enterprise has worked in the past, how it's working now and how it might work in the future. And while business intelligence used to be available only to a select few, its tools are now available and widely used in both small and medium-sized businesses.

BI Tools
Modern business intelligence tools enable: controlling data, increasing revenues, improving decision-making processes and increasing competitiveness.
Specialized data management systems provide a detailed view of data, help manage data sets, and ensure data security. At the same time, simple integration tools do not require users to have extensive technical knowledge when setting up new software.

BI and Business
BI helps make effective sales and marketing decisions. Loyalty programs created from customer demographics can be generated using intelligent dashboards. Business intelligence programs can track them in real time, creating a dynamic snapshot of customer behavior and market needs.
"What happens if my business loses access to a particular product, resource or channel?" That's a question that worries every entrepreneur. It is business intelligence tools that allow you to create models of possible events based on collected data.
Business intelligence software delivers a constant stream of data to the enterprise dashboard, displaying information from multiple sources in real time. This allows you to track and adjust decisions in time, classify risky decisions and understand their consequences before they are made. The results can then be measured -- put into a continuous feedback loop for continuous optimization.
Bundled BI solutions.
Sapsan Plus offers its customers an adaptation of existing batch business intelligence solutions. With them, you can manage budgets, work with data: store, record, verify and analyze. To productively implement all available analytics tools in the customer's business, our experts together with the customer determine the key performance and efficiency indicators.
KPIs, which are most often used for analysis and business intelligence, may be the optimal solution for the first phase of transition:
- overall financial performance indicators;
- customer satisfaction and customer profiles;
- productivity of internal processes;
- employee productivity;
- ROI for departments, campaigns and the business as a whole.

"What if?"
The flexibility of business intelligence tools is applied in a step-by-step approach to data processing: from the source to the visual end product, from interactive reports to dashboards.
Sapsan Plus develops solutions for companies of all sizes, small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets. Its powerful predictive analytics capabilities allow you to simulate "what-if" scenarios and quickly make business-critical decisions. Business intelligence software is a game changer, and financial forecasting applications and benchmarking tools allow firms to outperform their competitors with virtually no effort!
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