Enterprise Java Application Development

It's hard to find something that is immutable and constant in an industry as complex and rapidly changing as software development. However, Java is an exception to the rule, it has become an integral part of most IT infrastructures.
Working in a single corporate application allows you to simplify and optimize production processes, reduce operating costs of the company. Java is a convenient, scalable, functional and efficient solution for creating CRM, ERP, BPM systems.
Java is still considered one of the most popular programming languages. It has always been closely associated with web and mobile development due to what is one of the official Android languages.
The one-stop Java approach "wrote once - works anywhere" lets you use it for just about any digital solution you can think of, whether it's a desktop app, big data platform or Internet of Things app.
Java is ideal for enterprise applications. Why?
Java is one of the most stable programming languages. It is constantly growing and receiving updates.
There are hundreds and thousands of code libraries, frameworks, and tools that make it easier to scale applications to meet your needs. Java is a powerful programming language, which means that it easily copes with heavy traffic loads.
Enterprise software must be scalable. Without the ability to grow, support more features and users, enterprise software can quickly become inefficient. Java is tailored for performance growth and increases depending on workloads.
Platform independence
Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) allow you to develop cross-platform applications. Therefore, you do not need to write implementations of the same code for different operating systems. JVM translates all code into Java bytecode and the machine implements this code according to its operating system. Java is used in macOS, Windows, Linux or Unix. Thus, developers can easily test their applications on different systems.
Java adapts to any modern hardware and connects all devices and operating systems that the enterprise uses (Windows, Mac, mobile devices, etc.).
The savings in software maintenance and installation are clear!
Java applications can be divided into modules or components that can run simultaneously on most devices.
Java developers have spent years building extensive libraries of useful code. The Java ecosystem includes libraries for almost everything, whether it's adding a feature to integrate payments or deploying applications in the cloud.
Java reduces memory consumption and uses multithreading to improve performance. This is a rapidly evolving technology that allows developers to achieve results in real time.
Java is constantly being updated. The latest update is traditionally aimed at simplifying the API for enterprises.
Enterprise Java Applications from Sapsan Plus
Java is the best choice for enterprise software, and that probably won't change anytime soon. Today, Java is developing reliable, scalable, portable and distributed full-fledged applications. Java solutions dominate industries ranging from games and websites to client-server networks and big data, from ERP systems to process digitization. According to surveys, 58% of businesses use Java in their technology stack.
Sapsan Plus creates customized Java applications - these are simple desktop solutions, mobile applications, and full-fledged management systems. Spring's robust, flexible, and secure framework for Java platforms enables us to create interactive and attractive enterprise applications.
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