Industrial Internet of Things and IIoT Platforms

Every day, 5 billion people on the planet connect to the Internet and do not notice that more than 30 billion different devices interact with each other nearby, on the network, forming the so-called Internet of Things (IoT).
The internet of things is rife in our daily lives, from light bulbs controlled via Wi-Fi and temperature regulators (such as Nest) to smart home systems (such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home). In the next decade, the application of IoT in industry promises to be the largest engine in production and innovation.
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT or Industrial IoT) refers to IoT, which is used in enterprises and production, it combines computer networks, industrial equipment, built-in sensitive sensors and software for collecting and transmitting data.
There are many enterprises where, until now, employees "manually" collect the production information they need. IIoT allows you to monitor performance and automate the collection of data from any equipment in production. With IIoT, it is now possible to prevent possible emergencies, optimize product development and production processes, and eliminate problems without loss and downtime.
Information from sensors that are embedded in the equipment and connected to the IioT is transmitted and received in real time, collecting data on its status and important KPIs. This helps predict possible equipment defects and failures.
Environmental sensors connected to the Internet of Things can monitor vibration, temperature, humidity, identify factors that negatively affect operation or cause excessive wear and tear of equipment. Data collected from IoT-enabled devices and software allows managers to gain insight into employee performance.
All information from the sensors is transmitted to the IIoT platform.
IIoT platforms are tools to improve industry connectivity, monitoring, and data analysis processes. They provide management of IoT network devices of all levels, are responsible for data storage and subsequent information processing.
For analysis of data collected from equipment and devices, Sapsan Plus s.r.o. develops software for IIoT platforms and a web interface for user interaction with the IIoT system, which is able to organize, store and visualize data itself.
Platform software includes: server, operating system, cloud software (SaaS), protocol converters, application developer without code, application player, data visualization tools, data storage tools (tables).
IIoT platforms provide direct communication between cloud or local storage, computing resources, and manufacturing. They connect sensors and equipment that collect data during production cycles, creating a direct link between the location and time of data collection and the tools needed for analysis.
Research shows that in modern production, the introduction of models of microservices and applications is almost everywhere.
Sapsan Plus s.r.o. develops specialized applications for IoT platforms that can connect to sensors and devices on your hardware, collect data, and identify and resolve the most common sources of error.
Data is quickly becoming the most valuable commodity on the planet. IoT platforms collect information automatically, which makes it possible to maintain equipment preventively and control production processes at a new level of visibility and understanding.
Software for IoT Sapsan Plus s.r.o. allows the manager and the chief engineer to improve the efficiency of the company's business processes, to make accurate and clear decisions.
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