What is MVP?

There are times when you have an idea for a mobile app, a team of developers creates a product, invests a large sum of money in it, launches it on the market, and launches its promotion. And suddenly it turns out that no one is interested in it, or the consumer has not yet "matured" and accepted the novelty! Unfortunately, they realised this too late!
"If you're not ashamed of your product, then you've launched it too late," says LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.
Developing most digital solutions is worth starting with an MVP (minimum viable product). The term is not just well known in the startup world. Large companies have long used it to test ideas and processes.
Idea testing
MVP is a simple, ready-to-launch version of a product, suitable for testing and use, a simplified mobile or web application as much as possible. MVPs don't care about design, preferring functionality; this ensures a quick launch, in particular, and allows for faster feedback and feedback from users.
The lean startup concept and the build-measure-learn cycle was invented by American entrepreneur Eric Ries and became popular in 2008. MVP saves time when creating a product, because testing takes place at all stages of product development. This approach makes it possible to obtain maximum information about customer needs and preferences, while using a minimum of technology and resources, without investing time and money in the creation of the entire product.
Before launching the concept and starting the MVP development process, Sapsan Plus studies the requirements of the target audience, conducts market research, studies the analytics, and studies the competitors. In the long term: the more data a company has, the better its chances of success. Work on the project begins with visual identity, diagrams, drawings, models, wireframes and screens.

User comfort is at the heart of every project that Sapsan Plus designs. Quickly integrating a large number of features can distract the user from the main idea of the product and worsen the interaction with it. This is why the MVP development process selects the most efficient and cost-effective way to integrate the main features of the product. At this stage, it is important to identify the essential features of the project, which by themselves can satisfy 80% of its needs.
Launch and feedback
An MVP is a high-quality, easy-to-use and attractive version of the final product. Producing an MVP is a time-consuming and responsible process. For further quality development, it is important to constantly receive feedback from users.
Even the most comprehensive and high-quality market research is based on assumptions and generalisations. Feedback from real users is concrete, and it is easier to make corrections, add and build new functionality based on it. Testing the product at the initial stage ensures that the result will meet the expectations of users.
After launching the customer MVP, Sapsan Plus continues testing the product, its key features and analysing the user behaviour through iterations (Validated Learning). The process is repeated until the development is complete.
Create an MVP and don't try to make it perfect all at once. Remember that MVPs get better over time. MVPs help save money, improve application development, and build the customer database before the official launch.
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