AR. New augmented reality platforms

What was considered science fiction yesterday is used everywhere today. One of these "surreal fictions" - augmented reality, is now widely used, both in business and in production. AR technology creates a complete sense of presence for users, while not changing the environment and complementing it. The augmented reality system has three main defining characteristics - connection with real time, connection of virtual and real and accurate 3D fixation, both virtual and real objects.
When projecting any digital information on the device screen, the real picture is supplemented with artificial elements (text, video, image). The real image taken by the AR camera is processed by special software that recognizes it, complements it and combines it with virtual content, and then visualizes the result.
Such software for AR technologies Sapsan Plus s.r.o. develops on order, taking into account the technical requirements and production needs of your business.
Every day it is easier to select equipment and equipment for working with augmented reality, we are talking not only about processors, sensors, displays, but also about devices that make up modern mobile phones and tablets (cameras, accelerometers, GPS).
Sapsan Plus s.r.o has integrated the collaboration of Qualcomm and Microsoft into the work of its teams - the Microsoft Mesh augmented reality platform and the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform. Open Microsoft Mesh standards allow developers to create solutions that work on a wide variety of devices: HoloLens 2, AR headsets, smartphones, tablets and PCs.
To demonstrate the developed software, Sapsan Plus s.r.o uses AR tools of these platforms: artificial intelligence for avatars, session management, spatial rendering, user synchronization and holoportation to create joint solutions in AR.
In any business, security is paramount. An employee who works with machines, moving equipment, high temperature, dangerous chemicals constantly puts his life at risk. Industrial risks and injuries can be minimized by using AR technology.
When training staff, in schools and educational institutions, augmented reality tools are used to simulate real environments and interactive classes.
Since AR tools overlay information on top of real-world environments and objects, augmented reality technology is suitable for any production.
Experts believe that the augmented reality market will increase to $198 billion by 2025 (its growth began in 2017 and was then 3.5 billion).
Warehouse logistics and management of the entire range of goods are complex and volumetric tasks. Sapsan Plus s.r.o develops software for AR, creates a digital illustration or environment to illustrate warehouse data by quantity, delivery processes, methods of picking and packing orders. Microsoft is expected to integrate Mesh, which is built in the Microsoft Azure cloud, with the Teams and Dynamics 365 apps in the future.
In general, augmented reality, combined with other technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, reduce training and security costs, and increase productivity.
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