Software for Recognition of Gestures, Movements and Text: Technologies that Transform our Lives

Recognising gestures, decoding text and scanning movement has become quite easy. What is difficult is to combine all these processes into a single digital product - software that will allow you not only to process and control information, but also to manage data and the whole system.

Sapsan Plus s.r.o. has been incorporating advanced gesture, movement and text recognition technologies into its software products for several years, developing innovative applications for users with disabilities.
Hands only
Zoom, rotate, crop, go to next or previous slide. Hands and screen only. Gesture recognition is a technology that allows you to work with gesture data in real time without the need for a peripheral device such as a mouse, keyboard or touch screen.

Gesture recognition technology is used as an alternative to sign language. The "speaker's" hands interact with a camera that uses computer vision techniques to identify the movements and translate them into a language that is understandable to humans.

The latest developments in this field are aimed at finding the best solutions for translating gestures and speech into on-screen text without the need for a computer and keyboard.
Neural networks
A neural network is a program that models the way neurons in the human brain work. It consists of many interconnected artificial neurons that process and transmit information. By training and processing large amounts of data, neural networks find complex patterns by classifying images, recognising movement and processing natural speech.

Advanced recognition algorithms and neural networks help detect and interpret gestures and movements made by users in front of the camera or sensors, and convert them into commands.
Sapsan Plus uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms for text recognition, allowing our developed applications to read gestures and text in real time.

To automate routine processes and combine computer vision systems and machine learning algorithms, Sapsan Plus developers use the powerful and flexible Python programming language.
Recognition Techniques
Most recognition techniques aim to create a human-centred interface that enhances user-controller interaction by interpreting intuitive hand gestures, voice messages and text.

The developers of Sapsan Plus use a proven and concise methodology to recognise 3D point cloud data collected by cameras and then converted into a binary image. Light intensity has no effect on recognition accuracy. This method is particularly effective for recognition in strong or weak light conditions and even in darkness.
Potential and results
Developing and training complex neural networks requires expertise in machine learning. We use TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras - end-to-end open source machine learning platforms - to train neural networks.

One of our most recent cases is a neural network-based application that can recognise and translate normal speech into sign language and provide a real-time text version, facilitating communication with people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The applications developed by Sapsan Plus help users to control various devices using gestures and movements, to operate them without physical contact. The application's text and movement recognition functionality can be used for security and control applications. For example, scanning and recognising number plates in car parks or authenticating documents.

Sapsan Plus' team of highly qualified specialists can quickly develop intuitive and efficient applications, optimise neural network architectures, process data, train models and evaluate their effectiveness. We create software products that help people overcome challenges and improve their lives.
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