What is an Instant App?

An Instant Launch App is a small programme that allows users to try and test a small part of the main app without installing it on the device. It is essentially a hybrid of a mobile app and a web app.

Such apps do not take up space on the device. Similar to free subscription trials, Instant Apps attract the user and then prompt them to download the full version with timely prompts to install in Instant Apps.

Instant apps for Android perform particularly well in games and e-commerce. Users go to a company's website and can instantly download a small app, placing an order from a product catalogue without having to download the entire app. This approach increases the speed of decision-making in the sales funnel. Game companies connect apps with instant access to gameplay with the ability to show ads, this generates additional revenue.

Blurring Boundaries
Instant apps are blurring the boundaries between mobile devices and the Internet. They take advantage of browser accessibility while operating as local apps. They are often used on a one-off basis for quick access to an app. For example, after a user scans a QR code with their Android device, they can instantly open the app page and pay for the service.

An app with instant launch is usually presented as: a 'try now' button (in the Google Play shop), a banner on a website, a link in an email, or a scannable QR code. Instant apps are made up of modules or small sets of code, stored in a cache and deleted when you reboot your system or run out of disk space.
What are the benefits of Android Instant Apps?
Instant apps are a new trend in mobile development, a quick way to try out a native app.
Instant launch apps:
▪ allow users to access the app instantly without having to download and install the app on their device. This saves time and provides a more streamlined user experience.
▪ have a smaller size than the full version of the app, accessing the app even with limited memory on the device.
▪ do not need to be installed on your device
▪ have a user-friendly and seamless user interface
▪ increase user engagement as they can access the app quickly and easily. This can lead to increased use and retention of the app.
Disadvantages of Instant App Technology
While instant applications have many advantages, the technology also has disadvantages. These are most often limited:
▪ functionality. Android apps with instant launch are designed to be easy to use and therefore offer limited functionality compared to the full version of the app.
▪ Availability. Instant apps are not yet available for all Android devices.
▪ Monetisation possibilities. Currently, the app can only be monetised through advertising or by directing users to the full version of the app.
▪ Analytics. The analytics data for instant launch apps is limited.
▪ customisation: customisation possibilities are limited

Developing an instant app
You can develop an Instant Run application either from scratch or by converting the full application. Sapsan Plus s.r.o. usually uses both methods, creating applications through Android Studio. To do so, we modularise the application into individual code components. The total size of the application modules is 4 MB.
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