What is SaaS?

The introduction of new software into an already working business is a very complex and diverse process. The future of a business in the next 5-10 years depends on how clearly the customer understands what he wants to get in the end and how exactly he sets the task for IT company management and developers.
Can the customer order the software and pay only for the service it provides? Yes, there is such an opportunity! Sapsan Plus s.r.o. offers its customers Software as a Service (SaaS) - software on request. This is a popular class of computer programs that are available remotely and installed on network servers. SaaS is most often associated with the cloud computing model. In practice, this term is used for software that runs over the Internet.
Very often, the software customer cannot clearly draw up a technical task for the development team, he does not have specific requirements and does not know what he wants to get in the end. This problem arises not only at the negotiation stage, tasks can change during the subsequent stages of the IT company. This slows down the work, affects the quality and price of the ordered software.
Unlike traditional ones, software is SaaS licensed and paid for, depending on how often and how much it is used. It is easily connected to the user's computer, and then, when its license agreement expires, it is disconnected remotely and automatically.
The system has several advantages for both the user and the development company. The user does not need to allocate disk space on his computer and install the software. Any updates and bug fixes are performed remotely by developers.
- profitable and saves money
- easily integrates with other software tools
- updated regularly and remotely
Regardless of the size of your business, the software SaaS developed by Sapsan Plus s.r.o. can be easily loaded and used without the cost of installing it.
Using Sapsan Plus s.r.o. the customer accesses the data and applications from the cloud from any device connected to the Internet, SaaS are delivered with an application that is designed specifically for the customer, he does not need to worry about hosting or servicing servers, Sapsan Plus s.r.o.
Security is the most important component of any software and one of the greatest concerns of the user. All SaaS data is stored in the cloud and the customer has constant access to their software. At the same time, he does not need to worry about hosting, setting parameters or installing the product.
At any time, the user can transfer key customer data to a single database, use the new point of sale system to simplify online sales, or gain control over supply chain management.
When choosing between the SaaS and the regular local version, the customer must weigh everything for and against, understand:
- How unique and specialized his business is;
- whether IT company offers ready-made solutions, software with unique and specific; functionality
- what level of software configuration his business needs.
Software SaaS from Sapsan Plus s.r.o. not only saves the customer money, it can be easily updated and upgraded by integrating data with tools that the customer already uses in work and business.
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