Why is high-quality code important?

It is often difficult for the customer to understand the meaning of the term "high-quality code." For a person far from programming, this is really a rather abstract concept. It is difficult for a non-specialist to understand how it affects income and business results.
The main argument in favor of this concept is that only reliable and proven IT companies are able to develop a high-quality product, "from the first time" and without further difficult for the customer. In the long run, low-quality code can easily affect a company's revenue, even if everything looks good from the end user's point of view.
Poor programming methods lead to vulnerabilities in the security system, opening software for attacks from external sources.
Software developers Sapsan Plus work in the C and C++ integrated programming languages in the Clion development environment. In our work, we use more than one security code verification tool, among them effective and productive - SonarLint. SonarLint is a static analyzer, a plugin that easily and accurately detects problem code with errors in the system. At the same time, he not only finds, but also corrects these errors. The plugin is integrated with most programming languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C #, Kotlin, Ruby, HTML and PHP.
To comply with general project analysis settings and language rules, Sapsan Plus programmers use the SonarLint code analyzer along with the SonarQube platform. using code analyzer SonarLint together with platform SonarQube. Static source code analyzers are both SonarLint and SonarQube the same, and this is important, since they are mainly written using SonarSource technology.
most expensive mistake

A classic example of a fatal error and poor-quality code is considered to have happened in 1996 with a commercial Ariane 5 launch vehicle. 36 seconds after the start, due to numerous software failures, it had to be destroyed. The production of missiles cost almost $8 billion, and at the time of the explosion it carried a payload worth $500 million.

It turned out that the computer of the missile guidance system unsuccessfully tried to convert only one piece of data - lateral speed. It was not possible to squeeze a 64-bit number into 16-bit space! Too many times resulted in stack overflow error. Defective software due to poor code quality will result in huge losses and even business failure.

Therefore, it is so important when ordering software that you clearly understand how professional and decent the executing company is. From the very first days of working with Sapsan Plus s.r.o., the customer gets a clear idea of ​ ​ what steps the development team will take, the future needs for changing and expanding the code are clearly discussed, its functionality is discussed. Clear and accurate requirements for the project specification are the key to its successful implementation.
Code checking is a widespread engineering practice in all large technology companies, including Microsoft, Google, IBM. Continuous improvement of code quality is one of the advantages of Sapsan Plus s.r.o, our developers conduct its verification at least once a day.
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