In this blog, our team shares valuable information and talks about the most interesting innovations and technologies in the field of IT.
Development of mobile applications. What should the customer know?
Payment systems, educational platforms, health programmes, fitness trackers, hotel bookings, ticket reservations, taxi hailing, delivery and entertainment services - these and many other mobile applications have become part of our lives.
Software for Recognition of Gestures
Sapsan Plus s.r.o. has been integrating advanced gesture, motion and text recognition technologies into its software products for several years, developing innovative applications for users with disabilities.
System Testing. Take Action and Get Ahead
System or system-level testing helps to identify performance problems in a software product under development in a timely manner. System-level testing checks the consistency of all types of user input with the expected result, finding bugs that QA may have missed during development testing.
What is an Instant App?
An Instant Launch App is a small programme that allows users to try and test a small part of the main app without installing it on the device. It is essentially a hybrid of a mobile app and a web app.
Business intelligence software
Companies generate a lot of data in their daily activities. Can this data become a tangible asset?
How do you work with data? Google spreadsheets or Excel? It's familiar and easy, but only at the start-up stage of a business.
What is MVP?
There are times when you have an idea for a mobile app, a team of developers creates a product, invests a large sum of money in it, launches it on the market, and launches its promotion. And suddenly it turns out that no one is interested in it, or the consumer has not yet "matured" and accepted the novelty! Unfortunately, they realised this too late!
Enterprise Java Application Development:
It's hard to find something that is immutable and constant in an industry as complex and rapidly changing as software development. However, Java is an exception to the rule, it has become an integral part of most IT infrastructures.
Low-code platforms
Is it worth the risk?
Low-code has long been a matter of controversy, as well as a search for simple solutions in the implementation of business processes, mobile interfaces, applications.
A person far from programming gets excited...
Cloud Security:
Protect, Detect, Prevent
Security is an important part of any IT solution. What is your company's data at constant risk? Where are they stored? What information requires frequent backups? How do I save data that is in processing?..
New augmented reality platforms
What was considered science fiction yesterday is used everywhere today. One of these "surreal fictions" - augmented reality, is now widely used, both in business and in production...
Industrial Internet of Things
and IIoT Platforms
Every day, 5 billion people on the planet connect to the Internet and do not notice that more than 30 billion different devices interact with each other nearby, on the network, forming the so-called Internet of Things (IoT)...
Sapsan Plus
and Agile Philosophy
The time, volume, budget and efficiency of the team are the key parameters of any IT project.
In order for the client to receive high-quality code and modern software, was pleased with the cooperation, deadlines and professionalism of the performers...
Culture of cooperation and prioritization
Whatever unique and complex product is produced by a company that provides software development services, there is always something without which any project will not be started or completed...
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